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Jokowi - Local Government in Surakarta

Jokowi - Local Government in Surakarta


Study of local good governance is important because of two main reasons. Firstly, focus of local governance analysis has so far mainly put on the study of measuring indicators of good governance. There are stil limited studies on local governance subjects focused on how the local governance processes take place. Secondly, good implementation of practical local governance is needed to be studied since it is important to look for a best example in order to enhance the good local governance practices. This reserach is intended to study factors determining good local governnaces practices in Surakarta City from 2005-2014. The main research question is what are factors determining local good governance in Surakarta City? Research result shows that there are enrichment factors determining good governance practice in Surakarta. These factors include leader and leadership, organized civil society, tradition and culture, informal factors, bureaucratic reforms, public sector modernizations and other factors (geographic position and cultural city history). Among them, four finding factors are determinant, namely leader and leadership, organized civil society, tradition and society cultures and informal factors.

KEYWORDS : good govornance, leader and leadership, civil society, tradition and cultures, informal factors.

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